Where to start? Sunset Beach, of course. Centrally located on the Maine coast, it is a destination in itself, as well as a home base for day trips in Maine. Venture out for the day, knowing serenity and comfort await your return. Maine has so much to offer. Did you know the nearby Farnsworth Museum has an outstanding collection of New England Art including Wyeth originals? Or that you can ride a ferry and spend a day on island? Whale watch cruises, tall-masted schooner trips, swimming and hiking by day with nights of factory outlet shopping and seafood dinners, Maine is suited for family vacations and romantic getaways. Just three hours north of Boston, Sunset Beach is the perfect place to stay to enjoy all Maine has to offer. Below are just a few of the multitude of things to do that could keep you busy all summer long (let alone a week).

Boating Tours and Cruises
  • Balmy Days Cruises
    42 Commercial Street, Boothbay Harbor • 207-633-2284
  • Black Jack Sport Fishing & Charters
    14 Williams Street, Boothbay Harbor • 207-633-6445 • 207-380-5445
  • Boothbay Whale Watch
    Pier 6, Boothbay Harbor • 207-633-3500 • 888-942-5363
  • Cabbage Island Clambakes
    Pier 6, East Boothbay • 207-633-7200
  • Cap'n Fish’s Scenic Boat Trips / R.N. Fish & Son
    Pier 1, Boothbay Harbor • 207-633-3244 • 207-633-2626 • 800-636-3244
  • Charger Charters
    At Tugboat Inn, Boothbay Harbor • 207-882-9309 • 207-380-4556
  • Hardy Boat Cruises
    Puffin Cruises, Lighthouse Cruises, Seal Watches, Harbor Tours
    Shaw’s Wharf, New Harbor • 207-677-2026 • 800-278-3346
  • Points East Sailing Bareboat Charter
    Barter’s Island, Trevett • 207-633-4436
  • Schooner Lazy Jack Cruises
    Pier 1, Boothbay Harbor • 207-633-3444 • 207-236-9761
  • Sweet Action Charter Fishing
    At Kaler’s Crab & Lobster, Boothbay Harbor • 207-318-4898
Kayaking Museums Arts and Entertainment Golf Hiking and Touring
  • Barrett Park
    On Linekin Bay. Swimming, playground, picnic tables, fun for the whole family. Lobster Cove Road, Boothbay Harbor.
  • Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
    Experience the natural beauty and wonder of this 128-acre preserve situated on 3600 feet of shore frontage. Gardens and trails continuously being developed. The gardens are a living museum comprised of collections of plants managed for conservation, research and education. Trail maps on the premises on Barter’s Island Road in Boothbay. 207-633-4333 • www.mainegardens.org
  • Damariscove Island
    Site of one of the earliest American colonies (1605). Open to the public for hiking and bird watching (particularly nesting gulls and eider ducks). Over 200 rolling, treeless acres with a long gravel beach and narrow deep harbor. Now owned by Nature Conservancy. Call chamber for info on transportation. 207-633-2353
  • Dodge Point Preserve
    On the Damariscotta River. 500 acres of forest, deep-water access, three beaches, hiking trails. Located on River Road, Newcastle.
  • Fisherman’s Memorial Park
    Dory monument erected overlooking the harbor as a tribute to all the local fisherman lost at sea. Atlantic Avenue, Boothbay Harbor (across from Catholic Church).
  • Grimes Cove Beach
    Local swimming area, located at Ocean Point overlooking off-shore islands. Watch the boats passing. Ocean Point Road (Route 96), East Boothbay.
  • Harold B. Clifford Community Playground
    Modern and fun for all ages. Picnic tables and ball fields also available. Back River Road, Boothbay.
  • Kitzi Colby Wildlife Preserve
    A 12-acre parcel on Salt Marsh Cove on the Damariscotta River. River Road, East Edgecomb.
  • Knickercane Island Park
    Boat ramp, picnic area and swimming. Barter’s Island Road, Boothbay.
  • Linekin Preserve
    A 94.6-acre parcel stretching from Route 96 to the Damariscotta River. 651 feet of river frontage and miles of hiking trails. Route 96, East Boothbay.
  • Marshall E. Saunders Memorial Park
    22.5 acres on the Damariscotta River.
  • Ovens Mouth Preserve
    146 acres of scenic shoreline.
  • Porter Preserve
    A 19-acre wooded shore property, bordered by tidal water, quiet coves and salt marshes.
  • Singing Meadows
    A 16-acre hardwood rimmed field, once part of an old salt water farm. Cross Point Road, Edgecomb.
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